Premier F1 Miniature and F1B Petite Goldendoodle Puppy Breeder in Dallas, Texas

Welcome to ABCs Puppy Zs, a family-owned-and-operated dog breeder in Texas featuring several varieties of home-raised Goldendoodle puppies for sale. All of our Goldendoodle puppies are bred-and-raised in a loving environment where they develop wonderful personalities in the presence of continuous nurture and care.

We offer a select variety of F1 and F1B Goldendoodles for sale including several types of F1B Petite Goldendoodle puppies. ABCs Puppy Zs is proud to provide world-class dog breeding in a close-knit family environment designed to raise pups into the absolute best pets for you and your family. ABCs Puppy Zs is based in Coppell, Texas, offering Golden doodles puppies for sale in Dallas and surrounding areas with delivery now available.

Why Goldendoodle?

Since our very first family Goldendoodle, we absolutely fell in love with this dog breed and can’t wait to share its amazing qualities with more people. We offer several variations of the F1 Goldendoodle (a golden retriever and poodle mix), and the F1B Goldendoodle (a backcross of the F1 and a poodle). Both breeds come with unique characteristics that make the Goldendoodle one of the most sought-after breeds in the world — and a genuinely-lovable pet.

Great Health & Energy

Goldendoodles are known for their great health, vigor and longevity, with F1 and F1B breeds typically seeing a decrease in breed-related health issues common in both golden retrievers and poodles. Goldendoodles age well and offer plenty of fun and play, which makes them the perfect companions for an active lifestyle and a family setting. All of our Goldendoodle puppies for sale come with official health certifications and are bred from parent dogs that have passed a full-range of high-standard health screenings.

Obedience & Dog Smarts

Golden retrievers are known for their obedience, while poodles are particularly-famous for their intelligence and trainability. The Goldendoodle is a successful combination of these impressive dog qualities, making this breed a great choice for anyone looking for a smart and obedient dog. Goldendoodles make exceptional family pets, personal companions, service and therapy dogs — and overall surprisingly-wonderful friends.


Whether you’re looking for a dog that’s great with the kids or just want a friendly face that can put a smile on yours, Goldendoodles are a sure bet when it comes to being good company and having a happy, outgoing personality. Their calm demeanor is ideal for family settings and they are widely-known to make fast friends with children and other animals — including cats!

Hypoallergenic Qualities

One reason many people around the world choose a Goldendoodle puppy is because of their hypoallergenic qualities. Goldendoodles tend to shed very little hair compared to other breeds and are a great fit for people with allergies or anyone that’s looking for a low-maintenance dog that doesn’t require constant cleaning-after. In many cases, Goldendoodles don’t even shed, which makes this dog breed particularly attractive to people with sensitive pet hair allergies.

Designer Looks

From that teddy-bear look-and-feel to a gorgeous coat of fluffy personality, Goldendoodles give owners a sense of pride and joy with looks that can melt your heart. All breeds of Goldendoodle, including F1 Miniature and F1B Petite Goldendoodles frequent designer dog shows where they offer special characteristics in style, grace and beauty.

ABCs Puppy Zs — Your Trusted Goldendoodle Puppy Breeder in Texas

Our family-raised Goldendoodle puppies are some of the cutest, friendliest and happiest dogs in the world. But what sets us apart from other breeders is our commitment to this wonderful dog breed and giving future owners the opportunity to experience their qualities to the absolute fullest. To achieve this, we focus on developing good health and blossoming personalities through personalized care and comfort for every puppy.

Our reputation as a professional Goldendoodle puppy breeder in Dallas has grown over the years and we’re happy to promote our exciting features to future Goldendoodle owners.

  • Family-raised Goldendoodle puppies
  • Refundable deposit
  • Affordable Goldendoodle puppy adoption cost
  • Goldendoodle puppy health warranty
  • Puppy and parent health certifications
  • No-obligation puppy selection
  • Long-distance delivery

…and more!

Learn about Our Story and why ABCs Puppy Zs is your premier choice for Goldendoodle puppies in Dallas and surrounding areas.

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