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ABCs Puppy Zs

"Make Your Next Best Friend A Family-Raised, Texas-Spoiled Goldendoodle!"

Goldendoodles for Sale

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Mini Goldendoodles

Average Weight: 25-35lbs

Shedding: Low-to-Moderate

Micro Goldendoodles

Average Weight: 15-25lbs

Shedding: Low

Toy Goldendoodles

Average Weight: 10-20lbs

Shedding: Lowest

Teacup Goldendoodles

Average Weight: 5-15lbs

Shedding: Lowest

Micro Teacup Goldendoodles

Average Weight: 5-10lbs

Shedding: Lowest

Why ABCs Puppy Zs?

ABCs Puppy Zs Ensures Healthy, Lovingly Raised Goldendoodles, for an Exceptional Experience in Pet Ownership. Could you ask for more? You bet:

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Video Testimonials About Our Pups From Their Forever-Home Families

We Cherish Our Pups and Their Forever Families. Hear the Williams Family Share their ABCs Puppy Zs Experience.