ABCs Puppy Zs

Family Breeder working at Breeding Dogs from Our Family to Yours.

We are a small family breeder in Coppell, Texas who have fallen completely head over heels in love with the Miniature and Micro Goldendoodle breeds!  All of our puppies are born in our home and become a part of the family from day one.  As a family breeder we are able to provide our dogs with a constant level of socialization, love, and attention that features a collective experience of 150+ years of raising dogs which separates us by leaps and bounds from other breeders.

We only breed F1 Miniature Goldendoodles and F1B Micro Goldendoodles and strive to improve the quality of the Goldendoodle line.  Each of our parents are selected based on their bloodline which we review in detail as we have an impeccable health standard that when combined with the key characteristics of being sweet and of course having that loving disposition help to make our dogs the absolute best companions one could ever ask for.  It is also very important that we place each of our puppies in a home that will give them a lifetime of unconditional love.  This one result defines how they will live the rest of their lives.

All of Our Puppies are registered with the International Canine Association (ICA) and receive a full Veterinarian Examination at 7-Weeks along with every shot possible and come with a Three-Year Health Guarantee.

  • Nemex®-2
    • 2, 3, 5, 7, and 8 Weeks
  • NeoPar
    • 4 Weeks
  • Solo-Jec 10
    • 6 Weeks

When it comes time for your Puppy to arrive at their new home they will be accompanied by a three-pound bag of dog food (Earthborn Puppy Vantage Grain-Free Dry Dog Food – formulated to meet the unique needs of growing Puppies), A personal Puppy crate blanket (Helps your Puppy transition into their new home as their Mothers scent remains), Your Puppy’s personal Kong plush chew toy, Photos taken from Day One and On (including a Professional Print of Your Pup along with a Digital Copy of Your Pup and their Litter Mates at 7-Weeks), Registration papers to enroll your puppy with the ICA, Official record of all vaccines, Veterinarian Health Check and supporting documents from your Pups 7-Week Exam as well their First Months Dosages of HeartGard and NexGard.