Goldendoodle Puppies — from Our Family to Yours!

The idea of breeding Goldendoodle puppies first came to Bricks, whose lifelong love of dogs and their ownership gave insight into a wide-range of breeds from Labrador and Golden Retrievers to Poodles and Irish Setters among others. Dogs have always been a part of Our Family, and our 150+ years of combined dog-raising experience puts us a cut above other breeders and offers an expert’s touch on raising a happy and healthy dog.

Just a couple of decades ago, a new breed of dog had grown in such popularity that Bricks and his God Children couldn’t help but want one of their own. The Family’s first Goldendoodle puppy was named Dakota Moon, and grew into a beautiful dog that came with all the joys of ownership and plenty of pleasant surprises. They instantly fell in love with the breed and its wonderful qualities, and decided that if they were going to breed any dog — it would be the Goldendoodle.

The rest of Our Story is now history, and today, Our Family home is a scene of adorable puppy piles and lots of snuggles, where Goldendoodle puppies come and go but are always loved. In that way, family-raised Goldendoodle puppies from ABCs and Puppy Zs will always bring blossoming personalities, lots of happiness and good health to their new home. As a family Goldendoodle breeder, Our Family has the time, experience and devotion to provide each and every puppy with the socialization, love and attention they need to develop into fun-loving and healthy dogs.

Our Mission

At ABCs Puppy Zs, we especially cherish the moments when our little pups meet their new families and are off to a life of bonding and their own special adventures. As breeders, it’s our job to improve the Goldendoodle line by maintaining impeccable health standards and helping this amazing dog breed pass on its wonderful traits from one generation to the next. To achieve this, we review the condition and characteristics of each and every parent in order to develop a dog with a loving disposition and one that highlights those unique Goldendoodle qualities that make them a very popular choice.

Here at our family home in Coppell, Texas, we breed F1 Mini Goldendoodles puppies and F1B Petite Goldendoodle puppies for lifelong companionship as a loving member of your family. We focus on unique Goldendoodle traits such as little-to-no shedding, healthy vigor, steadfast obedience and impressive intelligence so families can experience the absolute most that Goldendoodles have to offer.

At ABCs Puppy Zs, all of our pups are intended for loving families and forever homes where they’ll receive unconditional love and live out their lives in perfect company. For these reasons, we request that any interested parties apply for puppy adoption and provide us with some background information such as why you’d be a great fit for a home-raised Goldendoodle puppy. This ensures that all of our pups are destined for the quality life that they deserve and we’re able to match the perfect owner to the perfect dog.

Promoting Great Health, Happiness and Enduring Companionship

All of our F1 Miniature Goldendoodle and F1B Petite Goldendoodle puppies for sale come with a 5-year health guarantee, a complete Veterinarian Physical Examination at 7-weeks, and receive an age-appropriate vaccine (see below) as recommended in Our Puppy Action Plan.

  • NeoPar (Parvovirus Vaccine)
    • Administered at 4 Weeks
  • Panacur (Hookworm-Roundworm-Tapeworm-Whipworm)
    • Administered during Weeks 6 and 7
  • Duramune Max 5 (Canine Distemper-Adenovirus Type 2-Parainfluenza-Parvovirus Vaccine)
    • Administered at 6 and 8 Weeks

Goldendoodle Puppy Goodies & More

Your new Goldendoodle puppy will be accompanied by our load of goodies along with their veterinary records and recommendations.

Our Goldendoodle Goodies include:

  • Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food for Puppies with Chicken Meal and Barley Recipe (3lb bag)
  • Your Pup’s Personal Puppy Crate (Travel Carrier if we are flying to you)
  • Puppy blanket (Helps your Puppy transition into their new home as their mother’s scent remains)
  • Your Puppy’s personal Kong plush chew toy
  • Photos taken from Day One (Our Puppy Mom Litters Only)
  • Professional Print of Your Pup at 7-Weeks (Our Puppy Mom Litters Only)
  • Professional Digital Photo of Your Pups Litter at 7-Weeks (Our Puppy Mom Litters Only)

You will also be provided with all veterinary health and vaccination records, including:

  • Official Record of Vaccinations
  • Veterinarian Exam report from your Pups physical at 7-Weeks
  • Flea and Tick Preventative as well as Heartworm preventative

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With ABCs Puppy Zs, you can begin a wonderful experience with your very own Goldendoodle while knowing that every health precaution has been taken and that your pup was raised in a loving family environment. Just complete Our Contact Form if you would more information about this amazing dog breed or to apply for Goldendoodle puppy adoption today!