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At ABCs Puppy Zs, we believe that puppy breeding should always be a service inspired by the wonders of dog ownership and the amazing breed we wish to share with the world. In our case, that’s the Goldendoodle, and how our clients feel not only about our dogs but also about how we are able to help bring a new member into their family, answer all of their questions and make the experience as memorable as possible, means everything to us.

Our reviews section is a token to our transparency as breeders of family-raised Goldendoodle puppies, and you are welcome to also browse our Facebook and Google My Business pages for more insight into nationwide feedback on our services. ABCs Puppy Zs does not believe in filtering reviews or creating a dishonest image about the quality of our services. We take great pride in being one of the most trusted home-raised Goldendoodle puppy breeders in Texas, and will do everything possible to ensure loving homes and happy parents for all of our pups.

At ABCs Puppy Zs, We Take Every Customer Experience to Heart

When our Goldendoodle puppies are adopted by their puppy parents, we say goodbye to our lovable little fluffballs, whom have graced our home with their sweet personalities, puppy whines and many hours of playtime. Because of the emotional attachment we have developed with these animals, we take the experience of meeting their new parents and bringing puppy and family together to heart. Our goal is to make this experience as delightful for our clients as it is for us, and when the family meets its new member and one of our pups joins a new & loving forever home — it should always be all smiles.

We delight in positive feedback, and if there is any way we can improve our services to make this experience absolutely perfect, we always welcome any suggestions and comments that help us meet or exceed the highest expectations. Our fully-transparent services include complete health records of puppies and parent dogs as well as any detailed information you would like to receive. Referrals are always available upon request and our reputation as a trusted Goldendoodle puppy breeder in Dallas is founded on strong bonds with happy dog owners all over the country.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions and feel free to stop by our family home to visit our puppies and puppy parents. We always welcome visitors and would love to show you how our pups grow up and just what makes them such happy and loving little doggies!

We purchased our pup Harley and couldn’t be happier with the experience from start to delivery with Bricks. There are a lot of great breeders out there, but what really set ABCs apart was the personal attention Bricks gave us every time we spoke and how he took the time to answer all our questions and welcomed us into his family of Golden doodles. Harley is incredibly intelligent(quick to train), she is adorable..very popular around the dog park! I would definitely choose ABCs again in the future and recommend them wholeheartedly.

abby Avatar

I’ve never had a more caring and honest breeder. They provided us with all the necessary information to get our puppy aquatinted to her new home and made the transition as seamless as possible. I highly recommend ABCs Puppy Zs!!! We LOVE them

Hailey Avatar

I required a hypoallergenic dog and my wife wanted a small dog. This breed that Bricks has done is literally all you can ask for. He has the parents genetically tested and everything down to a science to ensure he delivers the perfect golden doodle. And he does! My vet even gave a glowing review of Bricks when I provided her with the packet Bricks gave me when we came pick Paddington up. I loved working with Bricks so much we are getting another golden doodle from him in May 2021.

Clint Avatar

Cannot be a better place to get a puppy. Always available for any questions and super people. Our family and puppy could not be happier. Thanks for everything and we would highly recommend.Clay& Lisa

Clay Avatar

My Husband and I had the desire to have a dog and my passion for Goldendoodles dogs brought us straight to ABCs Puppy Zs .When i have doubts about how to behave with Macy my Goldendoodle. I don't hesitate to ask for help from Bricks.Thanks to the team!

Molly Avatar

What a nice experience with ABCs Puppy Zs. Thank you Bricks for bringing our Puppy Leo all the way to Fort Lauderdale. He is amazing, curious, funny, friendly and he learn so fast. We love him 🙂

Laurence Avatar

Amazing dog breeder! These people are professional, friendly and eager to help for those who are ready to take an addition to their family.Thank you

Andrew Avatar

I am a dog lover for life. My dreams were fulfilled when i met ABCs Puppy Zs. They specialized in breeding goldendoodles. I highly recommend this to anyone else.Thank you so much

Rolf Avatar

I have the best puppy in the world. Alex is my best friend and thanks ABCs Puppy Zs for helping me decide what puppy to choose. Thanks Luarie. I’ll be back and experience again the accommodating place for goldendoodles.

Brandy Avatar

ABCs Puppy Zs is the best place for you to have a good hug with your dream doodles. I would like to give five stars for this incredible goldendoodle breeder. Thanks to you. RECOMMENDED.

Eunice Avatar

The best birthday gift I ever received! My parents surprised me with F1B Petite Goldendoodles. I've always been a dog lover and having F1B Petite Goldendoodles in my arms is the best feeling ever! Thanks to my parents as well as to ABCs Puppy Zs.

Amy Avatar

If you are looking for s family that focuses solely on breeding Goldendoodles puppies. I would like to recommend ABCs Puppy Zs. They offer a variety of F1 and F1B Goldendoodles for sale including several types of F1B Petite Goldendoodle puppies.

Claudia Avatar

I had a plan of getting a new puppy for the gift on my daughter since she graduated with flying colors. I want to look at her expression because she loves doodles very much so I did go to ABCs Puppy Zs and they rendered their services very well. Thanks to Bricks and the team.

Shelley Avatar

First time visiting this location I had great choices of Goldendoodles and amazing customer service from Laurie. Will be returning again. Thanks to the team.

Gavin Avatar

ABCs Puppy Zs is a fantastic breeder. Great customer service and I really like the attitude of their puppy granny, Laurie. Thanks to you for taking care of these cute puppies. I will surely visit you again.

Mia Avatar

I will give 5 stars for them. The owner is very approachable and the puppy granny also.I have the best experience after all. Thanks ABCs Puppy Zs.

Christina Avatar

I have a wonderful experience with my new puppy named Lince. We spent our whole day playing, eating and rooming around my playground.ABCs Puppy Zs gave me the best companion. Thanks to Mr Bricks and to Laurie.

Frank Avatar

It was Valentine's Day when I was surprised by my boyfriend with F1B Petite Goldendoodle puppy. I don't hesitate to accept his precious gift for I am addicted to it. Thanks Fren! I was informed that hr came from ABCs Puppy Zs, one of the best family breeding goldendoodles in Texas. I recommended this to my friends and families.

Tania Avatar

Breeding held by fantastic people, always available for any need. I would highly recommend ABCs Puppy Zs for breeding purposes. You will not be disappointed with their services. I brought my puppies two weeks ago. They were the precious things happened in my life. Thanks to the team You make my life meaningful and hassle-free with this cute puppies. Stress-reliever actually. Why not give them a call?

Drense Avatar

Love the environment. Clean as well, I recommend to anyone looking for Goldendoodle Puppy Breeder in Texas.

Aaron Avatar

The process of adopting a puppy here is stress-free! I highly recommended this place for those who are looking to adopt golden doodles.

Alexander Avatar

This place came highly recommended by some friends of mine who have adopted goldendoodle puppies here. I'm a cat owner, but I decided to take a chance- and I'm glad I did!

Allison Avatar

Costs of services are very reasonable and their no obligation puppy selection policy is a great deal in my opinion. 5 stars for ABCs Puppy Zs.

Jackson Avatar

I was searching for a breeder of Golden doodles and I am so happy to come across ABCs Puppy Zs' website. I really appreciate that they have a no-obligation puppy selection policy. My husband and kids will go back there next week to pick up the puppies. Thank you so much Laurie and staff for everything!

Annabelle Avatar

Amazing! Laurie was exceptional! We've been looking for a Goldendoodle Puppy Breeder in Texas and I am so glad to come across the website of ABCs Puppy Zs.

Julianne Avatar

ABC’s Puppy Zs is a great place to find awesome Goldendoodles! Great customer service and puppy approved!

Darnell Avatar

ABCs Puppy Zs is definitely the best breeder! We came to them last month and I am glad that I did. They require a deposit but it is refundable. Highly recommended!

Gabriel Avatar

This is my second time to use ABCs Puppy Zs services. I appreciate that they have Goldendoodle puppy health warranty. Laurie is also very friendly and professional. Thanks

Jarred Avatar