How to Groom A Goldendoodle

Finding a Mini Goldendoodle grooming guide may not be at the top of your list when you first bring home your cute fuzzy little Goldendoodle puppy.

Goldendoodle Grooming Guide

Even before your doodle's soft puppy coat begins to shed out, you will need to know how to brush, groom and care for your dog's coat and skin.

This comprehensive Goldendoodle grooming guide answers frequently asked questions about Goldendoodle grooming and offers you a step-by-step dog grooming checklist.

By following this Goldendoodle grooming tutorial, you will gain your puppy's trust and gratitude as you learn to keep their skin and coat feeling and looking great!

Your ABCs Puppy Zs Goldendoodle Grooming Guide Includes:

Is Goldendoodle Grooming Really Necessary?

One of many reasons the Mini Goldendoodle dog breed has become so popular is due to their non-shedding coat.

But here is a funny truth about the world of dog coat types:

The less visible shedding your dog does, the more grooming your Goldendoodle is likely to need. Why is this?

Goldendoodles with certain coat types show little-to-no signs of shedding because the dead hair really does shed out, but then it gets trapped in the surrounding coat. So, you never actually see the hair fall out. What does this mean for your pup?

It means your Goldendoodle will need your help to remove this dead, shed hair before it can form into tangles and then mats that mar their beautiful coat.

However, even the visibly shedding Mini Goldendoodle coat types require regular brushing, bathing, and grooming to stay healthy.

What Does It Mean to Groom Your Mini Goldendoodle?

If you are new to caring for a Mini Goldendoodle, you might quite legitimately wonder what "grooming" means.

Grooming describes the process of keeping your dog's skin and coat healthy and functioning as they were designed to function - as protection and insulation for your dog.

You have three basic choices when it comes to grooming your Mini Goldendoodle:

  1. Do-It-Yourself Goldendoodle Grooming:

    Some Mini Goldendoodle Owners prefer to do everything themselves. This means bathing, brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming and Goldendoodle haircuts as needed.

    If you plan to show off your Mini Goldendoodle, you may find this is the smartest choice, as you have all the tools and know-how to groom your dog anytime, anywhere.

    But this is also the choice with the steepest learning curve and the greatest initial investment of time and finances. You will need a specific set of tools and supplies, and you will need to learn the basics of giving your Mini Goldendoodle a haircut, ear cleaning and nail trimming.

    Many professional groomers are also happy to show new dog owners the basics as part of the grooming appointment fee. So, this can be another great resource to lessen your learning curve.

  2. Professional Dog Grooming Services:

    Other Mini Goldendoodle owners prefer to outsource the expense and time required to groom their dog to a professional dog groomer.

    With this option, you don't need to acquire the full set of grooming tools or take your time to learn how to give your dog a haircut. However, you will need to budget for professional grooming every three to four months once your dog's full adult coat has grown in.

  3. Hybrid At-Home and Professional Goldendoodle Grooming:

    Probably the most popular choice for most Mini Goldendoodle owners is to take care of the basic brushing and grooming tasks at home but leave the big jobs like dog bathing and haircuts to a professional dog groomer.

    Sometimes this is also the most practical choice, too, especially if your current home doesn't include a suitable place to bathe or groom a dog.

    Even if you plan to take your Mini Goldendoodle to the professional groomer regularly, you will still need to learn to how to do the basic brushing and detangling tasks at home.

    Conversely, even if you plan to handle most grooming tasks at home, it can be smart to take your Mini Goldendoodle puppy to the professional dog groomer for a bath, grooming and trimming or a puppy haircut around the five to six-month mark.

    This way, your puppy is less likely to feel fearful of going to the groomer during adulthood.

Different Goldendoodle Coat Types

Goldendoodles can grow up to have three basic coat types or textures. The coat type your Goldendoodle puppy inherits may mean you need to do more or less grooming overall.

Here is a brief overview of the three basic Mini Goldendoodle coat types. (If you are having any trouble identifying your puppy's coat type, feel free to Get in Touch with us here at ABCs Puppy Zs and we would be happy to help!)

  1. Flat Goldendoodle coat type:

    The flat coat is the type that is most like the Golden Retriever parent dog's coat. This coat type tends to shed out visibly more than the other types.

  2. Curly or wool Goldendoodle coat type:

    The curly or wool coat is the type that is most like the Poodle parent dog's coat. This coat type tends to be called non-shedding because the shed hair gets trapped in the surrounding living coat.

  3. Fleece or wavy Goldendoodle coat type:

    The fleece or wavy coat is the coat type that is most commonly associated with the Goldendoodle dog breed. This coat type typically does not shed out visibly and is considered to be an ideal choice for pet allergy sufferers.

How Can You Tell Which Coat Type Your Goldendoodle Puppy Has?

Genetics is what determines what coat type your Mini Goldendoodle is destined to have. In some cases, this can mean a big surprise for you when your dog's adult coat grows in!

The process your Mini Goldendoodle puppy will go through to shed out their puppy coat and grow in their adult dog coat can take some time.

This process can start anywhere from five to nine months of age. Some pups will shed out in fits and starts while for others the process will be very gradual.

(As a side note, when you choose a reputable and knowledgeable Goldendoodle Breeder like ABCs Puppy Zs, you get all the benefits of our years of dog breeding expertise. Among other perks, this means we can help you select the Goldendoodle puppy with the coat type that is perfect for your family and lifestyle.)

Mini Goldendoodle Puppy Coat

You are probably wondering what the difference is between the Mini Goldendoodle puppy coat and the full adult dog coat.

There are several key differences:

The first and most obvious difference is that the puppy coat is thinner and softer than the adult dog coat.

The adult coat texture will also feel coarser to the touch regardless of coat type. And you will notice your dog's adult coat is thicker and more protective.

Another key difference is that the puppy coat itself doesn't shed out regularly like the adult coat does. When the puppy coat begins to shed out visibly, this is a signal that the adult coat is beginning to grow in.

How Often Should You Groom a Goldendoodle?

Now let's take a closer look at what level of brushing and grooming each different Goldendoodle coat type requires so your dog always looks and feels their best.

  1. Flat or hair Goldendoodle coat type:

    The flat or hair Mini Goldendoodle coat type is the coat type that most closely resembles the true Golden Retriever coat. Not only will you see the most shedding with this coat type, but you may notice more doggy odor as well - especially if your pup decides to roll in something!

    But there is a bonus when you choose this coat type for your Mini Goldendoodle. The flat Goldendoodle coat is less maintenance intensive than the other two coat types.

    With this coat type, the amount of grooming you have to do will really depend on you. The more you brush your dog, the less shed hair you will have to contend with. So if you are shedding-averse, more brushing can mean less hair on the couch cushions, carpeting and your clothing.

    But you can also skip a day or few of brushing with a much lower risk of tangles and mats forming. For flat-coated Mini Goldendoodles who live a mostly indoor lifestyle, brushing once per week is often sufficient.

  2. Curly or wool Goldendoodle coat type:

    All the way at the other extreme we have the curly or wool coated Mini Goldendoodle. With this coat type - when it comes to grooming at least - all that beauty takes some behind-the-scenes brushing to maintain!

    All dogs naturally shed to keep their coat and skin healthy and keep the protective properties of each hair functioning properly. Just because you don't see falling hair (or feel it coming out in your hand as you pat your dog) doesn't mean it isn't happening.

    You will have proof once you begin brushing your curly Mini Goldendoodle.

    The shed hair gets trapped in the surrounding healthy hair fibers. Because this coat type is so thick, you may need to use a long hair dematting rake to penetrate down to the skin level, work out any tangles or mats and remove all the dead, shed hair.

    Brushing at least once every one to two days is a must for this Goldendoodle coat type.

  3. Fleece or wavy Goldendoodle coat type:

    The fleece or wavy Mini Goldendoodle coat type falls right in the middle ground when it comes to intensity of maintenance.

    Here again, your goal with brushing and grooming your Mini Goldendoodle is always going to be health as well as good looks. You don't ever want your pup to suffer from painful tangles and mats or the skin irritation and infection that can quickly follow.

    Happily, maintaining a wavy Goldendoodle coat is not as maintenance intensive as the curly coat type even though both coat types shed out less visibly if at all.

    As long as your Mini Goldendoodle leads a mostly indoor lifestyle, you may be able to go two to three days between full brushing sessions without risk of tangles forming. However, if your doodle comes in from outside with burrs or dirt in their coat, you will want to brush them right away.

Goldendoodle Grooming Tool Kit

Before we dive into the step-by-step process you will want to follow to groom your Mini Goldendoodle, you will need to make sure you have the right dog grooming tools:

Step-By-Step Goldendoodle Grooming How-To

These are the exact steps we use here at ABCs Puppy Zs to brush, groom and care for Our Amazing F1 Mini and Micro Goldendoodle Puppy Mommas and Papas!

Popular Mini Goldendoodle Haircuts

No Mini Goldendoodle grooming guide would be complete without a discussion about popular haircuts! Here are four of the cutest and most popular hair clips for your Mini Goldendoodle.

  1. The Puppy (Teddy Bear) Cut:

    This cute, short clip aims for even hair length all over the body with a rounded face and paws, feathered ears, and trimmed legs and tail.

  2. The Kennel Cut:

    This short, neat cut is even simpler than the puppy cut with all hair trimmed to a uniform length.

  3. The Lion Cut:

    What's even cuter than a Mini Goldendoodle? A Mini Goldendoodle who looks just like a mini lion, of course! Hair is left longer around the neck, upper chest and withers and trimmed short everywhere else.

  4. The Lamb Cut:

    Where the lion cut leaves the neck and withers hair longer than the rest, the lamb cut trims all but the lower legs short. This leaves your doodle looking just like….you guessed it….a little lamb!

Goldendoodle Grooming Tool Kit

While you may feel understandably overwhelmed the very first time you read through this comprehensive Mini Goldendoodle Grooming Guide, the process really does get easier with practice.

We suggest that you go over this guide a few times to let the information sink in. Have some fun picking out your Mini Goldendoodle Brushing and Grooming Toolkit. Take it slow, tackling brushing one day, ear cleaning the next, nail clipping a day after that.

Even beyond the obvious health benefits, Grooming Your Mini Goldendoodle Puppy Dog is a way to deepen the bond of trust you and your dog share. And of course, lots of pats, praise and tasty treats during the brushing and grooming process sure won't hurt either!

Here at ABCs Puppy Zs, we are always on call for you to troubleshoot, serve as a resource, offer support and provide valuable resources like this Mini Goldendoodle dog grooming guide. Have questions? Don't hesitate to Reach Out!