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Toy Goldendoodles

Our adorable Toy Goldendoodle Puppies are the perfect outcome of selective pairing between a First-Generation Goldendoodle and a purebred poodle, now with an even higher non-shedding success rate than our first-generation parent line. And with our complete DNA Analysis and Health Panel Testing thoroughly applied to all our puppy breeds, future Goldendoodle owners can rest assured that the puppy of their dreams comes with a beautiful and hypoallergenic coat, little-to-no shedding, and all the wonderful traits we've come to know and love in the Golden Retriever, Poodle — and now the Goldendoodle!

A Puppy Gift Unlike Any Toy

Averaging less than 20lbs as an adult dog, Toy Goldendoodles offer all the companionship, smarts and adventure that pet owners adore — in an even smaller package than before! More and more dog lovers everywhere are discovering the wonders of Goldendoodles, and as reputable Goldendoodle Breeders, it's our pride and joy to share these fluffy little gifts with you and yours. At ABCs Puppy Zs, our decades of experience in puppy breeding and unwavering commitment to the immense benefits of family-raised puppies makes us one of the most in-demand dog breeders in Texas and beyond. Toy Goldendoodle puppies have everything in common with their bigger brothers and sisters, such as gentle temperament, intelligence, and the trainability of a guide dog. And as toy-sized people pleasers, you'll find their loyalty and personality almost too big for their little paws! Like all Goldendoodles, Toys are very loyal and responsive to the tone of your voice, so you can feel confident about having guests over or taking your dog outdoors for a walk and to meet new people and pets. Their sociability makes them the perfect family dog, and their natural fondness for fun, love and affection is sure to fill your home with joy.