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Our Goldendoodle Favorites Feature Our Go-To Selection of the Perfect Products and Services for Your Fun-Loving Goldendoodle Puppy! Every Single Item gets Our Seal of Approval and has been Goldendoodle-Tested for Complete Puppy Satisfaction. The Following List of Goldendoodle Puppy Products and Services is always being updated — so check back anytime to Discover something Useful, Healthy, Comfy & Fun for Your pup!


A White Bottle with Ear Application Friendly Nozzle for Goldendoodle Safe Ear Rinsing

Find the Product Overview here

This Dewormer is the absolute best product on the market when it comes to efficacy studies. The medication is effective against tapeworm, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms. With this one tablet the pups are getting broad coverage for internal parasites. We treat once when Pups are 5-weeks of age and then again at 7-weeks as instructed by our veterinarian.

Flea, Heartworm, and Tick Preventative

Company Logo of ABCs Puppy Zs Veterinarian Approved Goldendoodle Flea, Heartworm, and Tick Preventative

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Perfect for pups that can't get enough of the outdoors, this Flea, Heartworm, and Tick Preventative in the form of a tablet gets rid of those icky little bugs before they have a chance to lay their eggs. This is our favorite brand of Flea, Heartworm, and Tick Preventative Medication for our Goldendoodle Puppies, and it has little-to-no side effects in most cases. Contact us to learn more about this medicine and for suggestions on how to best avoid Fleas and Ticks as well as Protect Your Pup from Heartworm-Spreading Bugs all the while still getting to enjoy outdoor playtime with Your Pup!

Blueberry Pet Essentials Classic Collars

A Blue Collar with Silver Ring for Leash that is Top of the Goldendoodle Shopping List

Find the X Small Version here or the Small Version here

These Blueberry collars are just awesome! They also come in numerous colors to choose from when you want to match leashes to collars and vice versa! They are truly outstanding and at a very reasonable price. All of my dogs have on their original collar (except for the Puppies as they all started with an X Small and are now on a Regular Small) with vibrant colors that you can see past the fluffy curls. I recommend the X Small for all Puppies and then the Regular Small for the adults. I always buy one of each at the beginning so that I have the second for the day they grow out of the X Small one. Having two collars around is ALSO a great mind cue for getting in those pictures and videos while they are still Our Pups!

Blueberry Pet Essentials Classic Leashes

A Blue Leash with Silver Clasp for Collar that is Top of the Goldendoodle Products

Find the 5 5/8" Version here or the 5 3/8" Version here

Just like their collars, the Blueberry leashes are awesome! And of course, with numerous colors to choose from when you want to match leashes to collars and vice versa! They are truly outstanding and at a very reasonable price. All of my dogs are still using their original leashes that realy stick out with these vibrant colors. I recommend the 5 5/8' for Our Minis and smaller, but you might want to go with the 5 3/8' for Toys and smaller.

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

An Absolute Must Have Harness for Your Bestest Goldendoodle

Find the Small here or the Micro Small here

These PetSafe Harnesses are the absolute best! There are several colors to choose from and you will appreciate their overall durability. The Well Being and Health of Your Pup is always important and you can know that you're doing the best and all the while at a great price. I recommend the Small for Our Minis and smaller, but you might want to go with the Micro Small for Toys and smaller.

EzyDog Drive Safety Dog Car Harness

A Black Car Harness Goldendoodle Safe and Tested

Find the Small Version here or the Medium Version here

Let's face the facts. These, Our Goldendoodles, are also Our Children, and would we shave costs and buy a knock-off toddler car seat? I would hope this would be answered with an emphatically resolute NO, NEVER!! So, let's not do this to Our Goldendoodles. You will NOT find a safer Car Harness on the market that has the same level of testing that the EzyDog Harness has with its certified Crash Test FMVSS 213 rating (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 213 specifies requirements for Child restraint systems used in motor vehicles).

Mr. Peanut's Expandable Airline Approved Pet Carrier

A Grey and Blue Carrier with Fold Out Extension with Leather Handles that is Goldendoodle Tested Through and Through

Find the Carrier here

You can't do much better than this product if you and your Goldendoodle are planning on getting some sky time, since it's specially designed to be spacious without being bulky and is quite comfortable to carry even with a puppy on board. Its soft interior, expandable side compartment and plenty of ventilation along with a 360-degree view makes sure that your Goldendoodle puppy loves it too.

AmazonBasics Collapsible Soft Crate

A Soft Crate Version with Brown Walls and Mesh that can be Seen Through and is Definitely Goldendoodle Approved

Find the 26" Version here

We love this folding soft crate because it's perfect for keeping our Goldendoodle puppies contained both indoors and outdoors and is so much more practical than leashing up every pup when you're out on a picnic or just need to step away for a minute while in the backyard. We find this product to be quite snug for the pups and it's sturdy enough to contain even the most rambunctious Goldendoodle.

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

A Black Metal Crate with Door in Front and Bottom Tray for Everything Goldendoodle when it Comes to Potty Training

Find the 30" Version here, the 24" Version here, and the 22" Version here

Puppies are full of energy, curiosity, and have a mind of their own — especially if left unsupervised! Dog owners all over the world agree that a dog crate helps puppies develop good toilet training habits while keeping them from chewing up all your stuff when you're not around. A puppy crate is also an absolute must in the case of puppy alone time and helps ensure their safety when you're off at work or are getting some sleep. We like this crate for our Goldendoodle puppies because it's sturdy, well-made and is comfortable for our dogs.

Kuranda Aluminum Chew Proof Dog Bed

A Silver Alloy Frame with Blue Vinyl Top Forming A Rather Formidable and Fiercely Resilient Goldendoodle Approved Lounge or Bed

Find the Beds here

We love this elevated vinyl dog bed because it's ideal for both indoors and outdoors since it doesn't need to be right on the ground — which comes with loads of benefits. It's just the right size for our pups and the fabric is easy to clean, comfy and breathable. It's also chew-proof and very durable, which is perfect for energetic Goldendoodle puppies!

MidWest Homes For Pets Puppy Play Pen

A Black Metal Crate with Door in Front and Bottom Tray for Everything Goldendoodle when it Comes to Potty Training

Find the 30" Version here or the 24" Version here

Puppies need a safe zone inside that is totally focused on their development, safety, and overall well-being. The Puppy Play Pen allows you to limit Your Pups access to the rest of the home before they are ultimately ready to make that next step. This way they can run and play and chew all indoors, safe, and out of their crates! These Goldendoodle Puppy Safe Zones are an amazing must-have when raising a Young Pup!

Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food

A Black Dry Dog Food Bag with a Golden Retriever Puppy on the Front and Representing a Goldendoodle Approved Diet

Find the Puppy Food here

This is a fabulous puppy dog food that features chicken as the first ingredient. The food is fortified with Live Probiotics for both Immune and Digestive Health. We love the Omega-6 fatty acids along with Vitamin A which work to foster great skin and coats. This results in an amazing protein-rich meal to help Our Pups thrive all while being backed by AAFCO feeding trials!

Lickimat Dog Feeder

Matt for Encouraging Your Pup to Eat Slowly

Find the Feeder here

The Best Mat you can buy to help your pup feed slowly as well as relieve pent-up Boredom. Works great with Pumpkin Puree mixed with their food or Peanut Butter (Low Sodium, Xylitol Free) and their favorite treats. Either way they are in for a great time with this wonderfully long-lasting meal or treat!

Basis Pet USA Made Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

A Few Stainless Steel Food and Water Bowls that are Goldendoodle Tested and Safe

Find the Dog Bowls here

These puppy-tested feeding dishes are Stainless Steel and are designed for toughness and long-lasting use. We are beyond fond of this brand because of their amazing quality and the awesome fact that they are Made in the USA. We have used Stainless Steel bowls made in other countries time after time, but we have learned that they are always coated with harmful chemicals and not to mention the very poor quality metal which is anything but stainless. These bowls are also dishwasher-safe and very easy to clean.

Buddy Wash - Shampoo+Conditioner

Two Bottles, One Green and One Purple, with Screw on Tops that Encase Goldendoodle Safe Shampoo and Conditioner

Find the Lavender and Mint here or the Green Tea and Bergamot here

Pure Organic greatness is always the right choice for your pups and this brand won't squeeze the budget as this is both shampoo and conditioner to make for a great all-in-one product. Also, it's human friendly, so if you are like us and give your pups a bath in the shower during the winter season then this stuff takes the cake! We really need a product that provides both shampoo AND conditioner to serve those wonderful wavy curls. It is also formulated to be gentle on the skin and leaves your puppy's coat soft, fresh, and clean.

BioSilk Eco-Friendly Dog Brush

Bio Silk Brush with Flex

Find the Brush here

We love natural products! This Brush made from Boars Hair has a wide grip that really helps those brushing sessions. The Brush also has the natural flexibility to move with the shape of your Pups body. Not only will it help remove dead hair, but it also helps to spread natural oils to help the coat shine! Wow!

Nutramax Welactin Omega 3

A Green Box with White Background Enclosed within are Omega Gel Caps and a Top Item for Goldendoodle Silky Smooth Coats

Find the Omega Soft Gels here

Omega-3 is something of a miracle compound and we whole-heartedly recommend supplementing your dog's diet with these safe and all-natural soft gel caps. Omega-3 helps your Goldendoodle puppy develop healthy eye and brain function and promotes lifelong health, and may even play a role in disease prevention.

TrizULTRA + Keto

A White Bottle with Ear Application Friendly Nozzle for Goldendoodle Safe Ear Rinsing

Find the Ear Cleanse here

The ears are essential to our best friends' hearing our calls and more importantly any crucial commands. It is therefore only natural for us to want to keep them in tip-top condition. This is where TrizULTRA + Keto comes in — and just in time to provide a soothing cleanse to your pup's ears!

Orijen Original Dog Treats

A Magenta Bag with White Background that Holds Goldendoodle Approved Treats

Find the Dog Treats here

We really love this brand because they make an effort to take care of your dog and provide healthy nourishment in new and creative ways. Your Goldendoodle puppy will love these biscuits and you'll love knowing that they're biologically appropriate, sourced from free-run poultry and wild-caught fish, and grain-free for easy digestion.

Pupford Training Treats

A Blue Topped Bag with A Brown Bottom with A Puppy Running that Showcase the Best in Goldendoodle Products when it Comes to Training Treats

Find the Training Treats here

Our Goldendoodle puppies love these treats and respond quite well to training efforts made with them in hand. They are USA sourced and made with only two all-natural and nutritious ingredients for strong puppy health and are grain-free to go easy on growing tummies.

OXO POP Container

A Clear Container with White Pop Lid for Everything Goldendoodle and Perfect for Storing Treats

Find the POP Container here

We recommend having this product around to keep puppy food soft and fresh for on-the-go and quick-access at home or outside. It really is airtight so puppy food keeps much longer and opening and closing is so easy it's almost fun. Your puppy will learn to love that pop!

Earth Animal Beef and Chicken Chews

Natural Beef and Chicken Chews

Find both Beef and Chicken Chews here

These chews are amazing and we love how they are both rawhide and chemical-free. They are also made with Real American Beef and Farm-Raised Chickens! The pups love these and they are also long-lasting so they will be kept busy for a time, but be sure to watch over as necessary.

Natural Gnaws Bully Sticks

Nature Gnaws Beef Bully and Beef Tendon Chews

Find the Beef Bully Sticks here

The best bully sticks we have been able to find. We love that they are sourced from 100% Free-Range Beef. They are rawhide free and also help to clean your pup's teeth. As with the best chews they also last which helps to keep your pup hard at work while also being focused on the task.

Virbac Dental Chews

Two Silver Bags with White Inner Background Representing the Best in Goldendoodle Chews

Find the Mediums here or the Micros here

Puppies can't brush teeth but they can avail of this great product which gives them something to chew as it cleans their teeth and freshens up that puppy breath! Just like people, dogs also experience plaque and tartar buildup, which can lead to doggie dental and oral issues later in life. We really can't recommend this product enough for your Goldendoodle.

Wag Jerky Chicken Treats

Two Silver Bags with White Inner Background Representing the Best in Goldendoodle Chews

Find the Jerkey Treats here

Perhaps the best ingredient list you will find when it comes to jerky treats and just as it should be. The only two ingredients are Chicken and Mixed Tocopherols (all-natural preservative and antioxidant) that are sourced and made in the USA. They also come in a large bag that lasts — and so will your pup's enjoyment as they chew down on these quality jerky treats!

KONG Natural Teether

Kong Teether in Blue and Pink

Find the Medium version here or the Small here

These KONGs are a must-have for any Pup. We recommend filling these with Pumpkin Puree or Peanut Butter (Low Sodium, Xylitol Free) along with your pup's food or their favorite treats. Once done just throw them in the freezer and give it to your pup the next day for their total enjoyment!

KONG Wobbler

Kong Wobbler in Red

Find the Large version here or the Small here

This KONG toy is great to keep your Pup both active and busy! We recommend filling these with any of the treats from this page along with good ole regular Purina Pro Puppy Food. The toy is also easy to clean and very sturdy for those more intensive chewers.

Nylabone Power Chews

Nylabone long lasting chews for Dogs

Find the Axis version here or the Bone here

All puppies love to chew on a variety of textures that provide different sensations while in practice. This is no different for the Goldendoodle Breed and we recommend this Power Chew to satisfy that craving for hard to reach angles within every pup's mouth.

Nylabone Puppy Soothing Chew

Nylabone Soothing Chew for those Hard to Reach Areas and Especially the Gums

Find the Chew here

As Goldendoodles enjoy a variety of chews, it's important to provide them with a few options in order to help prevent them from reaching for that next object which might not be for them. This requires diligence on behalf of their family to appropriately and positively guide them to what they are allowed to chew. So be sure to include these soothing chews in your pup's rotation!


Bobbing Toy that dispenses Dog Treats

Find the Large version here or the Small version here

The toy that not only helps to feed your pup, but can also get your pup to work out while they are doing it! They will enjoy this dispenser of goodness and you will find tons of humor in the way that each pup works through their puzzlement to find that next yummy bite.

Puzzle Snoop Orb

Dog Treat Dispenser that requires some Chewing

Find the Orb here

This adorable challenge puts your pup to the test while also allowing them to enjoy their treats. Your pup may lick, chew, and possibly learn to repetitively drop the orb in order to get every last morsel of goodness out of this delightful toy!

Benebone Wishbone Chew

A White Cardboard with Rope Toy Attached Represent A Perfect Alternative to Ones Clothing when it Comes to Goldendoodle Chews

Find the Small ones here, Medium here, or the Large here

With Bacon, Chicken, and Peanut Butter, each different chew provides a new and exciting flavor to satisfy the Goldendoodles Craving — and that's when these chews come in very handy! They are durable enough to provide your pup with great times that will last at least for months.

Wooly Snuffle

Snuffle Pad for Dogs that Encourages their Natural Need to Smell and Forage

Find the Snuffle here

An absolute requirement for any new puppy as it teaches them their natural ability to forage. By using their sense of smell your pup will work at finding their food or treats within the mock field. An additional benefit from behind the scenes is just how easy it is to clean!

Hound Game - Brick

Brain Challenge for Your Pup in the Brick Version

Find the Brick Game here

The best of the best when it comes to puzzles for your pup. This toy is great for engaging and occupying your pup after they have been at rest. The mental challenges will help reinforce their development while your ability to change the pieces allows for a number of different puzzle possibilities.

Interactive Puzzle - Casino

Brain Challenge for Your Pup in the Casino Version

Find the Casino Game here

A step up in the level of difficulty, this puzzle has drawers that must first be unlocked before your pup can open them and receive their reward! The puzzle also helps to slow down their eating by giving them a challenge that requires solid mental capacity in order to solve.

Puzzle Toy - Tornado

Brain Challenge for Your Pup in the Tornado Version

Find the Tornado Game here

A classic puzzle and interactive toy for your pup. The spinning bone-shaped layers each provide room for treats or food, and only through an engaged mind and focused nose can they find the treats along with the all-important piece... FUN!

Blue Emblem with the Letters JC in White with CPA Firm Name Beneath It Also in Blue

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A Compass of Old Along with Blue Lettering of the Company's Name Follow to the Right

Set Sail on an Unforgettable Journey



A Red Sketched Drawing of a Girl with Her Hand on A Dog with the Company Name Beneath it

Penny Whistle Photography creates fetching family portraits that celebrate the charm and whimsy of those who make your life whole; whether it's a cuddle from a child, or a snuggle from our dog or cat, those moments are fleeting and deserve to be captured with professional photography. They offer an experience that is as unique as you, your family and your pets. From the pre-session planning to the gallery reveal, their focus is on creating mindful and elegant portraits that you'll be proud to display.


Bold Magenta Letters Spell Out the Company Name and Form its Logo

Camp Bow Wow® is the premier and trusted provider of safe, fun and individualized care for your four-legged family members, promoting Happy, Healthy Pets and Happy, Healthy People! Camp Bow Wow is a locally owned franchise in Coppell, Texas, and offers daycare, boarding, training, and grooming services for your dog. At Camp Bow Wow, they take every step necessary to ensure your pup is in the best hands. They treat all of their Campers as if they were their own and provide individualized attention and tender loving care.


Bold Letters Spell Out the Company Name and Form its Logo

Case de Esperanza has been providing HOPE and a HOME for children in crisis for over 40 years. During this time, they have helped more than 6,000 children by keeping them safe and thus helping to keep their futures bright. Every year Case de Esperanza puts on a Building Hope for Children Gala where all of the proceeds go directly to the efforts of the Organization in breaking the cycle of child abuse and neglect. As part of each event there is an Auction wherein ABCs Puppy Zs is proud to Participate each year by Donating one of Our Family-Raised Goldendoodle Puppies!