Written by ABCs Puppy Zs

ABCs Puppy Zs Upcoming Litters and Tidbits

Goldendoodle Puppies have Arrived!

It’s May, and ABCs Puppy Zs is excited to announce three upcoming and precious as always, Goldendoodle puppy litters! We’re keeping busy caring for these Momma’s in our family-raised Goldendoodle puppy homes. Now’s the perfect time to reserve Your Goldendoodle puppy and experience all the joys of having this wonderful dog breed as a loving member your own family.


Peaches’ Litter

Our Familia Momma Peaches is set for birthing in just a few more weeks and we can’t wait to see her gorgeous F1B Petite Goldendoodle puppies!

Peaches is an ICA certified F1 Miniature Goldendoodle and has been a member of our familia for 3 years. She is a loving dog with a clean bill of health, Peaches passes on the quintessential Goldendoodle genes (proven by Our DNA Testing) to her pups — making the perfect F1B Petite Goldendoodle!

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Sophie’s Litter

Sophie is an ACA certified Golden Retriever with a delightful temperament and an intelligence rivaling even the smartest poodle. This mommy-material Golden Retriever is due for her Litter Birthing this July which sets up for a September Go-Home.

We expect Sophie’s pups to reach an average of between 20-40lbs as fully-grown adult dogs, making them the perfect any size lapdog and a loyal miniature member of the family.

If you’d like to reserve your very own mini Goldendoodle puppy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and schedule a time to come and meet Our Available F1 Miniature Goldendoodles


lil bit’s Litter

lil bit is an ICA certified F1B Teacup Goldendoodle of 6lbs with gorgeous doggie looks and a classy behavior to match! This remarkably-trained and temperamental Goldendoodle puppy mom looks to her first litter of F1B Teacup Goldendoodles this July, so before we know it, they will be busy cuddling their way into our hearts.

Our lil bit was bred with a purebred toy poodle of 5lbs, whose offspring F1B Teacup Goldendoodles puppies are expected to average less than 10lbs fully-grown.

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The Adventure Begins Anew!

At ABCs Puppy Zs, every Goldendoodle litter is an exciting new chapter of puppy growth and development with a unique set of lovable personalities to discover. We’ve always found that no two pups are alike and every Goldendoodle puppy offers a world of adorable little quirks to make you smile, laugh and immediately recognize them in an indistinguishable bundle of fluff!

We make the most out of our 8 – 10 short weeks with the pups and spend every moment fostering each puppy’s social development, intelligence and trainability by familiarizing them with humans and other animals. The Goldendoodle breed is famous for its social and affectionate qualities and nothing brings out their best traits like growing up as family-raised Goldendoodle puppies in the care of dog breeding professionals. From the moment they’re born, Goldendoodle puppies at ABCs Puppy Zs receive an abundance of love and care day and night from both mom and parent humans. Over the years, we’ve developed a knack for raising Goldendoodle puppies and we take pride in the results even at 8 weeks old.

Our clients are often surprised by how responsive, intelligent, social and affectionate their Goldendoodle puppies are the moment they meet them. Much of these qualities are simply the wonderful traits of an exceptional dog breed — but we’d like to think we do our part! Every Goldendoodle puppy at ABCs Puppy Zs is provided for with daily nurture, wholesome nutrition, plenty of playtime, and no shortage of environmental exploration and surprises. We provide for all their needs while exploring trainability potential at an early age, which makes it that much easier to harmonize their personalities with their new family and surroundings.

We often find it difficult to express in words just how amazing the Goldendoodle breed makes us feel every time a new litter blesses our home. Even after 7 years as mini Goldendoodle puppy breeders in Dallas, TX, we still get a tickle from all the surprises waiting for us with every new litter and the experience of welcoming dogs into the world. It’s hard not to develop a strong bond with our pups, but knowing that they’re off to live a good life with their new family makes it a little easier to say goodbye!

If you’re interested in becoming a mini Goldendoodle puppy parent and want to meet our Goldendoodle puppies for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our growing litters and qualify for puppy adoption now!